Found Good News on the Radio

Amnart Khem-on, Supunburi Province

Mr. Amnart Khem-on was born on January 15, 1973. He told us that he used to be a naughty and stubborn child and often disregarded the schools rules until many teachers who taught him were fed up with him.  He relied on himself and was not afraid of anyone and liked to use force because he was very strong.  However, when he became an adult he became confused and was not content with the way he led his life.  He then decided to search for something that would give him an answer to his life.

            At the end of the year 2009 all of a sudden he remembered what happened when he was in grade 3 when he received a tract from someone who was giving out tracts to the school children.  The tracts were about God and at that time he was not interested.  However, an older student read the tract to him.  He found it really strange that he could recall the message on the tract.  He now wanted to know about God and wondered where one could find God.  As he turned the radio dial and listening until he came to the radio station on 89.55 MHz where the deejay was talking about God and he could remember that he listened to the radio from noon until it became dark in the evening.  There were several programs from LHM Thailand such as “This Home for Love,” “Because You are Loved,” and “The Cheerful Life.”  He paid a lot of attention listening and asked his nephew where the station was.  He could hardly believe the answer that the radio station was less than 10 kilometers from his home but he had no interest then.  He decided to phone the radio station and talked to our radio speaker and telling that he had been listening to the programs and wanted to know more about God.  The radio speaker invited him to attend church on Sunday which was during the Christmas season.  He listened with keen interest and has been listening to the programs every time he has opportunity.  Because of God’s saving grace he has received Jesus into his heart.

            As he is an employee doing follow up on daily loans he is often unable to attend church.  However, when he is home he attends church every time.  He says “God has made me more patient and I am determined to learn more about God and want to be baptized.  I thank the radio speaker of all the programs that helped me to know God.” Currently, he is being nurtured by Pawntawee Church in Nongyasai District in Supunburi Province.  Please remember him in your prayers that he will grow in the way of God and be ready for baptism in the near future.


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