Listener Gatherings

The LHM Thailand had conducted two Listener Gatherings for the radio program at Phang Nga Province.  It was the first time that this radio program conducted the gatherings at the local radio stations.  On December 12, 2009 we conducted the gathering at Voice of Navy Phang Nga Station in Khok Kloi Sub District, Phang Nga Province.  There were nearly 150 participants attended the event.  The program went well and we received the good cooperation from the local station and church.  The listeners were happy with the activities, fun games, prizes, Christmas songs and the true meaning of Christmas had expressed through the event by the local pastor.  Our radio speaker, Mr. Prawit Jularangsi had the chance to meet with his new listeners and promoted his program as well.

Also the Listener Gathering at Takaupa Radio Thailand Station in Takuapa District went well with the 70 listeners on December 13, 2009.   We thank God that the event was successful with the good cooperation from the local station even some listeners couldn’t make it as planned.  We did the activities as we did at the previous gathering.  After we returned to Bangkok we did the contact with 156 listeners who turned in the personal contact information form and invited them to study in the BCC and join in other ministries.  The churches in Phang Nga will now do the follow-up with the listeners. 


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