School Christmas Outreach

This is the second year that LHM Thailand has conducted a Christmas outreach program in schools in southern Thailand.  In response to invitations from the Full Gospel Church in Chumporn, Chumporn Province and the Full Gospel Church in Guiburi, Prachuap Kiri Khan Province, the LHM Thailand staff partnered with the local pastors, their wives and the church ministry teams to produce programs to share the true meaning of Christmas with nearly 4,500 students and teachers in 1 Catholic and 9 government schools from December 13-18, 2009.  The true meaning of Christmas was shared through an activity that used a different word for each letter in Christmas.  We told the students that Christmas was the time when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, because Jesus was God coming to earth to live among us.  The words for each letter in CHRISTMAS help to understand the true meaning and importance of Christmas. 

Ten students assisted us in this presentation.  Nine students each held up a letter in front of the audience and the tenth student held each word as we talked about the meanings.  By the end of the presentation we had spelled CHRISTMAS in large letters across the front of the room. 


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