Blessings from Friend to Friend

Mr. Apison Chokpitakkul, Bangkok

Apison Chokpitakkul is from Bangkok while his family is not Christian.  When he was in third year high school he had the opportunity to attend Christmas celebration at a church and was very impressed to see how happy the Christians there were.  Even though he did not know much about God but he could feel the warmth and became interested in knowing God.  He considered his life at that time and felt that worshiping idols did not benefit him in any way.  He came to know Mr. Kittisuk Boonpitukwut, who applied for encouraging text messages from LHM Thailand for Mr. Apison via mobile phone.  He finds these messages very encouraging and says “The encouraging text messages are very useful and remind me to continue to follow God and help me keep my life in God’s way which is very beneficial.”  Mr. Apison has peace from following God; his life has been transformed from feeling empty with nothing able to fill that void in his life.  Now he has found God who has brought joy into his life, the kind of joy which cannot be found anywhere else.  He is very happy to continue to follow God.

Mr. Apison now attends worship at Yellow Bridge Church and helps serve at this church.  Please remember him in prayer that he will grow and have a closer relationship with God and also that his family will come to know God.  Currently, his brother is the only other Christian in the family.


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