Sharing Blessings Through Text Messaging

Mr. Kittisuk Boonpitukwut, 33 years, Bangkok

Mr. Kittisak’s family is Christian.  He has 3 siblings and he is the eldest.  He is from Bangkok and his family has no problems.  Mr. Kittisak is determined to proclaim the Gospel and came to know Journey Into Light (LHM Thailand) when we introduced its media materials at Antioch Church in Ladprao District in June 2009 this year.  He took the application forms, for encouraging text messages (via the mobile phone) and gave them to his friends and other people so that he can share the Gospel and help the people to know about Jesus.  As a result, these people have been encouraged to continue in their walk with God while those who do not know God yet are introduced to His Word.  Mr. Kittisak continues to apply for text messaging for other people and he himself is also encouraged by the messages he receives. He says “The encouraging text messages are spiritually uplifting, and encouraging which is why I want to share them with others.”  Mr. Kittisak is also determined to continue serving God by being a volunteer for Journey Into Light to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ so that the ministry will be fruitful.

Currently, Mr. Kittisak is a member of Yellow Bridge Church in Bangkok and has been baptized. He has a burden to serve God and asks for prayers that his ministry will be fruitful so that the Kingdom of God will grow and expand through the service of the volunteers.


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