Thanksgiving Worship and Banquet

LHM Thailand has initiated a special event in the Thanksgiving season to raise local fundraising at the Convention Hall of The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority in Bangkok on Saturday, November 7, 2009.  There were over 150 donors and guests who attended the event.  The Thanksgiving Worship and Banquet went well as planned even though we didn’t reach to the number of guests that we expected. 

At the event all brothers and sisters in Christ worshiped together.  We were blessed because of the work of the Holy Spirit that moved through the power of God’s Word that was shared in the event by the Rev. Ted Na Thalang.  The worship singing, special songs and the testimony for joining the LHM ministry from the commissioned volunteers, Rev. Saeng Sirithienwanichkul and all the activities through the event were pleasant and a blessing.

LHM Thailand had an opportunity to share a CD presentation about our ministries and show how God led and blessed us in many ways and to thank our donors for their generous support to the ministry for proclaiming the Gospel to Thai people and connecting them to the church.  Our donors and guests had lots of fun and a good fellowship time together.  We also had ministry product and the donated items for sale that we could correct for the donation as well.  We were thankful in receiving prayer support and many hands that were willing to offer their voluntary service and offering. 

Director, Mrs. Monta Ekwanit Denow thanked the donors and guests for participating in this event and for supporting the ministry and challenged them to have more burdens for the ministry of the Lord to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Thai people.


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