Blessings from Daily Devotions

Mrs. Woranut Phongnoppakun is from Bangkok.  After she married she went to live in Samutsakorn Province and has 2 children.  She is very interested in the Word of God and has applied to receive daily devotions via email from Journey Into Light.  She wants to share the Word of God with others and has forwarded the Word to others via email so that it can be a blessing to these people.  She has a burden to serve God and tries to share with others via the daily devotions.  She is not good at witnessing verbally so she uses this way so that other people can receive the Word.  Miss Woranut says “The scripture passages are very useful and everyday there are new blessings from the Bible. I am very impressed with these messages and have made photocopies and keep them.”  Miss Woranut keeps copies of the daily devotions everyday so that she can use them to share the Gospel with other people, both Christians and non-Christians.  Also she has applied to receive encouraging text messages via mobile phone and if there is an opportunity she recommends others to receive these messages too.  Her goal is to share the Gospel more and she wants to be a blessing in bringing God’s Word to others.  

Currently, Mrs. Woranut works at the Government Office Center in Bangkok.  She has decided to serve with Journey Into Light so that God’s Word can reach many people.  We are very thankful for Mrs. Woranut because she is a very active volunteer.  She now worships at Bangkhae Church and she has been baptized.  She has faith in Jesus Christ and wants to share these blessings with other people. Mrs. Woranut requests for prayers as she shares the Gospel so that this will be fruitful.


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