Blessings from Friend to Friend

Mr. Apison Chokpitakkul, Bangkok

Apison Chokpitakkul is from Bangkok while his family is not Christian.  When he was in third year high school he had the opportunity to attend Christmas celebration at a church and was very impressed to see how happy the Christians there were.  Even though he did not know much about God but he could feel the warmth and became interested in knowing God.  He considered his life at that time and felt that worshiping idols did not benefit him in any way.  He came to know Mr. Kittisuk Boonpitukwut, who applied for encouraging text messages from LHM Thailand for Mr. Apison via mobile phone.  He finds these messages very encouraging and says “The encouraging text messages are very useful and remind me to continue to follow God and help me keep my life in God’s way which is very beneficial.”  Mr. Apison has peace from following God; his life has been transformed from feeling empty with nothing able to fill that void in his life.  Now he has found God who has brought joy into his life, the kind of joy which cannot be found anywhere else.  He is very happy to continue to follow God.

Mr. Apison now attends worship at Yellow Bridge Church and helps serve at this church.  Please remember him in prayer that he will grow and have a closer relationship with God and also that his family will come to know God.  Currently, his brother is the only other Christian in the family.

Sharing Blessings Through Text Messaging

Mr. Kittisuk Boonpitukwut, 33 years, Bangkok

Mr. Kittisak’s family is Christian.  He has 3 siblings and he is the eldest.  He is from Bangkok and his family has no problems.  Mr. Kittisak is determined to proclaim the Gospel and came to know Journey Into Light (LHM Thailand) when we introduced its media materials at Antioch Church in Ladprao District in June 2009 this year.  He took the application forms, for encouraging text messages (via the mobile phone) and gave them to his friends and other people so that he can share the Gospel and help the people to know about Jesus.  As a result, these people have been encouraged to continue in their walk with God while those who do not know God yet are introduced to His Word.  Mr. Kittisak continues to apply for text messaging for other people and he himself is also encouraged by the messages he receives. He says “The encouraging text messages are spiritually uplifting, and encouraging which is why I want to share them with others.”  Mr. Kittisak is also determined to continue serving God by being a volunteer for Journey Into Light to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ so that the ministry will be fruitful.

Currently, Mr. Kittisak is a member of Yellow Bridge Church in Bangkok and has been baptized. He has a burden to serve God and asks for prayers that his ministry will be fruitful so that the Kingdom of God will grow and expand through the service of the volunteers.

Testimony on Thanksgiving Worship and Banquet

Rev. Saeng Sirithienwanichkul, Pastor of Pakred Church, Nonthaburi Province

November 7, 2009

“Praise the Lord for this evening that I was invited by Journey Into Light.  Our church has received many blessings from JIL. 

We are working together with JIL in proclaiming the Gospel.  We have had the opportunity to share the Gospel on the radio programs and our church has been able to contact those who are interested.  We also have been informed about the news of other churches through JIL.  As a result JIL is a great benefit for churches in Thailand and our church has had the opportunity to work with JIL.  

Actually we have known JIL for many years and received the news about this Thanksgiving evening last month.  We are very happy to join in this thanksgiving celebration.  

Many of our church members receive news and encouraging text messages from JIL. They say that while they were feeling anxious or having problems, the text arrived just at the right time and it is God acting, He really knows what they need.  For the past two days my wife has been feeling unhappy and then the text message appeared with the Word of God.  It’s really wonderful that God really knows her heart and we receive so many good things from Him.  

Our church has prison ministry in three prisons: at Khlong Pai, Nakornrajsima Province and Nakornsrithammaraj Provinces.  The prisoners requested Bible lessons, but we do not have any materials available, so we asked JIL to help with this matter.  We were able to talk to JIL staff, who immediately contacted the prisoners.  We praise God that we have the opportunity to work together.  

My wife and I continue to pray for JIL and this is true, every morning at 5 a.m. we wake up to pray.  I am very happy that JIL has organized this Thanksgiving evening and would like to join in the work of JIL.  We hope that we can participate in this ministry together and that it will benefit the churches in the future. We thank the Lord and may God bless you all.”

Thanksgiving Worship and Banquet

LHM Thailand has initiated a special event in the Thanksgiving season to raise local fundraising at the Convention Hall of The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority in Bangkok on Saturday, November 7, 2009.  There were over 150 donors and guests who attended the event.  The Thanksgiving Worship and Banquet went well as planned even though we didn’t reach to the number of guests that we expected. 

At the event all brothers and sisters in Christ worshiped together.  We were blessed because of the work of the Holy Spirit that moved through the power of God’s Word that was shared in the event by the Rev. Ted Na Thalang.  The worship singing, special songs and the testimony for joining the LHM ministry from the commissioned volunteers, Rev. Saeng Sirithienwanichkul and all the activities through the event were pleasant and a blessing.

LHM Thailand had an opportunity to share a CD presentation about our ministries and show how God led and blessed us in many ways and to thank our donors for their generous support to the ministry for proclaiming the Gospel to Thai people and connecting them to the church.  Our donors and guests had lots of fun and a good fellowship time together.  We also had ministry product and the donated items for sale that we could correct for the donation as well.  We were thankful in receiving prayer support and many hands that were willing to offer their voluntary service and offering. 

Director, Mrs. Monta Ekwanit Denow thanked the donors and guests for participating in this event and for supporting the ministry and challenged them to have more burdens for the ministry of the Lord to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Thai people.

Blessings from Daily Devotions

Mrs. Woranut Phongnoppakun is from Bangkok.  After she married she went to live in Samutsakorn Province and has 2 children.  She is very interested in the Word of God and has applied to receive daily devotions via email from Journey Into Light.  She wants to share the Word of God with others and has forwarded the Word to others via email so that it can be a blessing to these people.  She has a burden to serve God and tries to share with others via the daily devotions.  She is not good at witnessing verbally so she uses this way so that other people can receive the Word.  Miss Woranut says “The scripture passages are very useful and everyday there are new blessings from the Bible. I am very impressed with these messages and have made photocopies and keep them.”  Miss Woranut keeps copies of the daily devotions everyday so that she can use them to share the Gospel with other people, both Christians and non-Christians.  Also she has applied to receive encouraging text messages via mobile phone and if there is an opportunity she recommends others to receive these messages too.  Her goal is to share the Gospel more and she wants to be a blessing in bringing God’s Word to others.  

Currently, Mrs. Woranut works at the Government Office Center in Bangkok.  She has decided to serve with Journey Into Light so that God’s Word can reach many people.  We are very thankful for Mrs. Woranut because she is a very active volunteer.  She now worships at Bangkhae Church and she has been baptized.  She has faith in Jesus Christ and wants to share these blessings with other people. Mrs. Woranut requests for prayers as she shares the Gospel so that this will be fruitful.