God’s Word a Guiding Light

Miss Gunyarat Teeport has 5 siblings and her eldest sister has a speech impediment (dumb).  Her family worships spirits and give things to appease the spirits as they do not know God.  The family is very poor and only has one meal a day and has to mix the rice with corn or whatever they have.  Even though the parents work in the fields Miss Gunyarat also had to work very hard to help her parents.  Her siblings have never attended school as they all had to keep working.  After her father died, her mother returned to Omgoi District in Chiangmai and left her with other people which made her devastated.

She had planned to commit suicide by hanging herself but people prevented from doing so.  After this her mother took Miss Gunyarat to live with her in Omgoi District and helped Miss Gunyarat to attend school.  Miss Gunyarat has moved to stay at a hostel where she came to know and believe in God.  She has applied to study the Bible Correspondence Courses of Journey Into Life as several of her friends are studying these courses.  Learning about God has given her peace and hope to carry on in life.  She said “It is because of God’s love that I have peace until this day. I continue to thank God.”  The BCC have helped her to know how she should lead her life and now is studying lesson 3 of the second course and says “My life has changed without me knowing it and I don’t have any more hardship as in the past.”  The Word of God is in her, God leads and guides her life so that she is able to move forward with confidence as she knows God will never leave her.  Miss Gunyarat plans to complete studying the correspondence courses which will help her to lead life according to God’s will.

Miss Gunyarat has asked for prayers for her as she leads her life so that she will have a close relationship with God and that at times, when she feels like giving up and that God will guide her and help overcome these times.  Currently, she is staying in a Christian hostel and requests for prayers that she will grow and become a faithful child of God.


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