Children Bible Camp

After the ETS workshop and Listener Gathering was done at Yasothon Church in Muang District of Yasothon Province in March 2009, LHM Thailand received very good cooperation in ministry with Yasothon Church faithfully.  Since then some children were referred from the church to study the Children Bible Study with us regularly.  During the school break the Yasothon Church requested our team to conduct the Children Bible Camp for 41 children age of 6-14 years on October 15-17, 2009.

The LHM team were able to meet the students from the Children Bible Study, got a chance to share the love of God to other children, encouraged the children to be able to express their ideas in action, and also helped the children, especially who are having the family problem to live well in society or in community with rules and discipline.  These children are seeking love and understanding.  The team was blessed to help the church in strengthening of skills and experience life to the children participating in activities and knowledge capabilities body and spiritual soul in God.


The camp went well in every activity.  And nearly all children said that the camp was very fun and also good mentally.  This was seen by many children who opened their minds and desire to seek help from the Lord, concern for parents, and their future.  Many children begin learning the story of God, which we could see from more discussion and attitude while bringing a prayer.  The children also asked us to conduct the camp again next year.


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